Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here is a new project hot off the engraving bench. This is a fairly large knife made by Warren Osbornne. The handle inlay is some sort to of jasper I believe but I am not exactly sure what kind. It is a very attractive stone though.

Anyway the engraving is my intertwined scroll pattern with gold inlay stems/spines. The outer perimeter on this was engraved with a matching pattern. This is a fair amount of extra work to ad to a job but it adds quite a bit to the overall effect of the piece I believe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another found project

I found another of those not too far in the past projects while searching through some files trying to find something for Steve Lindsay.

This is another one of those techniques that few people realize I do because I don't have many customers ask for it. Yes folks I do sculpt. Actually I really like to sculpt. Thats what I did my graduate work in was sculpture.

This project had a sort of evil green man/tree demon theme to it. David Broadwell and I did this as a collaboration for a client a little over a year ago. The fittings are carved mild steel that were blued. Then I believe David burnished it with extra fine steel wool. The whole effect of the piece was over the top. I wish the photo had more close ups to show the details better.
I ran across this photo this morning and thought I would post it up here. This was a job I did a while back for Don Cowles on one of his elegant small gents fixed blades. The design is intertwined scroll with gold stems and relieved background. The engraving was continued out onto the blade. This was a fun little project to do.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This was a nice traditional job I did recently for a customer. It is a fairly straight forward engraving using my adaptation of McKenzie style scroll with 24K gold inlay borders. The background is relieved, stippled and inked. The knife is a very nice Persian style gents folder with green apple jade made by Steve Hoel.

It's not often that I get a straight forward scroll with gold borders job. I think a lot of folks don't believe I do traditional work like this since most of the jobs my clients ask for are very ornate thematic pieces. I actually enjoy doing smaller jobs like this. They are a nice change from the laborious larger theme pieces.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A couple new projects

here are a couple Ron Lake knives I have engraved recently. One is a Bengal Tiger theme with 24K gold inlay copper inlay and fine scroll design. This project also has the outer perimeter of the knife engraved.

The other lake also has a big cat. This side has a mountain lion and the other side has a grizzly gear both in full 24K gold inlay.

A little brag on my kids

Hey all,

Just wanted to brag a bit on my kids.

My oldest just got back from three weeks at the Missouri Scholars Academy. It's basically an academic brain camp for 300 of the smartest kids in the state. I am very proud of her!
She also recently qualified to go to national YHEC shooting competition in PA this year

My youngest also qualified to go to go to the national YHEC competition. She also did very well at the Scholastic Clay Target Program's state trap shoot this year. Her squad won first place at state for the Jr high division. She is also going to the national trap shoot (the Grand at Sparta Il) in a few weeks.

All this travel and practice ammo is about to break the bank for Holly and I but we are very proud of both girls' accomplishments this summer.

Thursday, December 4, 2008